EBM Consulting Services, Inc.

Unique Solutions for Unique Clients

Our Business Philosophy

Being truly "green" goes beyond recycling or purchasing "green" products. It is all about striving for sustainability. Sustainability means minimizing our potential for negative impact on the environment and our fellow beings.

That is why we practice many of the measures that we help our clients implement. Information on some of the energy and water conservation measures in our offices appears on this page.

It is also why all of our employees receive company funded medical insurance and above average compensation. Employees receive pay for time off including vacation, holidays and personal days. We also encourage donation of their time to environmental causes with compensation.

We support local tradespeople.

The owners of EBM, Jon and Vicki Harkness, own and operate an organic farm which strives to be as sustainable as possible. Jon and Vicki often donate their time to local non-profit organizations. They also conduct educational tours at their farm for local students and 4-H groups who want to learn about renewable energy and living sustainably.

Our Offices

EBM utilizes renewable energy. We strive to use many energy conserving products and materials in our offices such as the B-100 biodiesel used for heat, hotwater and two of our vehicles. In addition, an on-site 9kW photovoltaic system provides most of our electricity. Some of the "green" products and techniques applied in our main office include:

* Adaptive reuse of a building originally constructed around 1740
* Soy-based foam insulation in wall and ceiling cavities
* R-25 to R-40 walls
* R-40 to R-50 ceilings
* Artificial slate roof constructed of recycled materials
* Rainwater harvesting
* Various weatherization construction details, as outlined in the "Builder's
   Guide to Cold Climates" by Building Science Corporation, Westford, MA

* Use of recycled, salvaged and locally produced materials
* Waste stream separation and recycling
* Use of local craftspeople and subcontractors
* Aggressive PVC reduction/elimination in purchased products and materials
* Energy efficient lighting
* Occupancy and daylight sensors for lighting
* Timers on ventilation equipment
* Temperature and humidity controlled attic ventilation
* Heat recovery ventilation
* High recycled content office paper "sleep" mode enabled on computer
   monitors, workstations and laser printer

* Energy and water efficient appliances
* Recycling of office materials and job materials