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System Integration Solutions


An important and integral component of most of our energy services projects is an energy management system (EMS).  EBM works both independently and in conjunction with your existing control service companies to fully integrate your EMS. Our integration services complement and enhance your existing control equipment. We often utilize or expand on existing control equipment and integrate facility specific strategies to reduce operating costs and provide advanced early warning of possible problems in a facility. If your EMS is outdated, we can migrate your equipment or install a new system with enhanced capabilities for reducing operational cost.

We have experience working across most manufacturers propriety platforms. We advocate open protocol systems to provide multi-vendor solutions and the flexibility to switch service providers.

We implement a variety of projects utilizing various open and proprietary industrial and commercial protocols. Our WAN/LAN integration can then provide the appropriate information to the right person within your organization. With our integration, you can better manage the utilities, environmental conditions and cost within your facility. As an example, an integrated system can act on price signals to curtail electric usage during periods of peak demand, saving you money and easing the strain on the electric grid.

We have successfully implemented energy management systems within large single and multi-site facilities that require up to date and accurate facility data. We have completed the work of others that was never completely deployed so that the nonfunctional equipment already in place could be put to good use. If tight, safe control of your hospital, industrial facility or commercial property is critical for the service that you provide to your clients and customers, then EBM can help you improve your delivery and reduce your operational cost.

With our remote diagnostics, advance monitoring of trouble signals and energy consumption tracking, we are able to assist you in maximizing the savings possible in your facility.